Get more jobs with a professional Upwork Profile video


Say good bye to camera shy with my video editing services

It's not easy to get new jobs on Upwork, especially if you are just starting out. 

You know you need a professional video for your profile to get more jobs, but as soon as that little red recording light turns on, you can't remember what you were going to stay. (Or maybe you are like me, and your first try was FIVE MINUTES LONG! :O)

As a copywriter and video editor, I knew there must be a better way. Using my 12 years of experience as a marketing and sales writer, I created an introduction video format that increased my response rate by 50%!

All you have to do is answer the questions I send you and record two 10-second video clips, and I will do the rest!

Even if you are camera shy, you can have a fantastic 45 second to 60 second video that will help potential clients get to know you better.

I wanted to help other freelancers to get ahead, so I kept the price low at just $150. This includes 3 change orders and 8 animated information slides. 

"Working with Amelia was a breeze! She's organized, communicates clearly and turned around our project quickly. I really appreciated her taking the lead on the project and giving great ideas and input. Her creative style was just what I needed to make our project really come to life!" ~ Lisa C. | Owner | Simple Story Solutions

Check out a few of the videos I have completed for other freelancers below: